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When Quilt CEO Ashley Sumner posted a photo of herself on LinkedIn with the caption, “I am a female founder” (with the phrase “female” crossed out), she might not have realized the blaze of feedback, sharing, and media commentary it could spark. But spark a blaze it did, and now phrases like “female founder” and “girl boss,” phrases which spotlight the gender of enterprise leaders who’re ladies, are the topic of an ongoing debate over whether or not they rightfully rejoice the laborious-received achievements of ladies or belittle what they’ve achieved, as Sumner has argued, and permit “investors to see founders who are women as a separate class from the rest of the founders.”

Sumner little doubt makes a good level, however others have chimed in that whereas a world the place all gender labels are fully pointless could be good, we aren’t fairly there but. The reality is, they are saying, that there’s not equal illustration of ladies in higher management roles, and ladies do face extra obstacles and resistance whereas working their approach in the direction of these roles. Their argument is that till that is not the case, there may be a place for phrases like “female founder” and “girl boss.” For one factor, they are often encouraging to the younger ladies and women on the market who’re just as qualified (or more) as their male counterparts however might not see themselves as leaders as a result of many biases, each specific and implicit, that they face in life. 

So which is it? Are phrases like “girl boss” helpful and empowering, or are they minimizing and counterproductive? The reply is that each of this stuff will be true, and which one is extra true in any given second is dependent upon the state of affairs and context. So it’s not a black-and-white situation of utilizing or not utilizing these phrases however a matter of understanding when and the way to use them, if certainly you might be inclined to make use of them in any respect. Some folks will not be and that’s fully tremendous, however in the event you do wish to use them there are three common factors to bear in mind.   

Don’t Call Someone a “Girl Boss” at Work

I used to be as soon as at a convention (pre-pandemic) and was strolling together with a colleague of mine when a younger man walked by us and mentioned, “Hello, girls.” My colleague and I finished, checked out one another, and laughed—out of incredulity, not as a result of our humorous bones have been tickled. Here we have been, each of us college professors, wearing fits for a skilled occasion, and this individual referred to as us “girls.” If any time period minimizes, deliberately or not, a girl’s presence in a enterprise setting, it’s “girl.” Just think about the state of affairs in reverse. How usually do you hear a man, in a skilled context, being referred to as “boy”?  

The first level to recollect, then, is to not use phrases that spotlight folks’s gender in any work-associated conditions the place gender isn’t particularly related, irrespective of how properly meant. If you wish to praise me for a discuss I’ve simply given, for example, you’ll be able to simply say, “Great job!” or “Great job, Dr. Carver!” Don’t say, “Great job, lady boss!” 

Again, there could also be conditions the place it’s related to make use of these phrases in an goal approach. An instance of a state of affairs like this could be in the event you have been saying an upcoming lunch & be taught by which the visitor speaker’s discuss was entitled, “Is Calling Yourself a Girl Boss Empowering or Minimizing?” Or perhaps you’re discussing the outcomes of a examine that statistically compares the experiences of female and male founders of firms. In these situations, gender could be related. On the opposite hand, it could clearly not be related in the event you have been telling a group of coworkers that the “lady boss” needed to see them. 

It Matters Whether You’re In-Group or Out-Group

What about non-work associated conditions? Let’s say that as a substitute of a convention, my colleague and I had been attending a purely social gathering. Had that very same younger man been current, wouldn’t it have been okay for him to name us “girls” or “girl bosses”? This brings us to the second level. 

In social identification concept, an in-group is a social group which you establish as being a part of. Conversely, an out-group is one which you don’t establish as being a part of. For instance, everybody who identifies as a girl, no matter race, sexual choice, or every other identifier, belongs to the in-group of “women.” Anyone who doesn’t establish as a girl is after all an out-group member. (There will also be extra particular in-teams reminiscent of “white heterosexual women,” by which not all ladies could be in-group members).   

With the exception, as soon as once more, of conditions the place phrases that spotlight gender could also be objectively related, it’s not applicable for males (out-group) to name ladies (in-group) “girl boss” or “lady boss.” But if in-group members, on this case feminine enterprise leaders, discover phrases like “girl boss” empowering or helpful to them, and there are reliable explanation why they might, then they need to be happy to take action. But the primary level that these phrases must be averted in skilled conditions nonetheless applies. If the younger man on the convention who had referred to as me and my colleague “girls” had been a girl and never fairly as younger, I might have nonetheless discovered it considerably inappropriate as a result of we have been in a public work setting. It may need felt much less offensive by advantage of her being an in-group member, however it could have nonetheless felt inappropriate. 

Female Firebrands

Don’t Forget the Real Problem

While it’s vital to maintain these factors in thoughts, it’s equally vital to keep in mind that the true drawback isn’t a matter of utilizing or not utilizing “girl boss” language. This is the third level. The cause there’s even a controversy over “girl boss” in any respect is that gender inequalities in enterprise, and in society generally, are all-too-actual and protracted. There’s no controversy about utilizing the time period “boy boss” for the straightforward cause that nobody ever thinks to name a man a “boy boss.” Male leaders are merely considered bosses, interval, not “boy bosses.” A lady calling herself a “female founder” or “lady boss” in itself isn’t what causes investors to put in writing her a smaller verify.

Pervasive gender inequality and implicit bias are what trigger buyers to put in writing her a smaller verify. Yes, language is highly effective and vital, however these language issues are simply signs of deeper issues that exist on the institutional degree (i.e., unequal illustration, promotion, and pay) in addition to on the cultural and psychological ranges (i.e., implicit gender biases) and which received’t be fastened by merely utilizing or not utilizing sure phrases.

Even as we apply quick-time period fixes for the signs, we mustn’t neglect the lengthy-time period options for the deeper issues. That means instantly tackling office gender inequalities, and the implicit biases that create and maintain these inequalities, by way of a broad vary of initiatives that create change on the cultural degree, by way of implicit bias and diversity training, in addition to the institutional and coverage degree by way of extra equitable hiring, promotion, and retention practices. Only when we’ve got lastly achieved true, lasting equality on the cultural and institutional ranges will the time period “girl boss” turn into as pointless as “winged bird,” as a result of by then there could be nothing particular about a boss who’s a girl, similar to there’s nothing particular about a chicken with wings. 

This visitor submit was authored by Leilani Carver-Madalon, PhD

Leilani is an assistant professor within the Master’s in Strategic Communication and Leadership Online Program at Maryville University.

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