Mastering Blockchain: A deep dive into distributed ledgers, consensus protocols, smart contracts, DApps, cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, and more, 3rd Edition

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Develop a deeper understanding of what is underneath the hood of blockchain with this technical reference information on one of the vital disruptive trendy applied sciences

Key Features

  • Updated with 4 new chapters on consensus algorithms, Ethereum 2.0, tokenization, and enterprise blockchains
  • Learn about key components of blockchain idea comparable to decentralization, cryptography, and consensus protocols
  • Get to grips with Solidity, Web3, cryptocurrencies, smart contract improvement and clear up scalability, safety and privateness points
  • Discover the structure of various distributed ledger platforms together with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Corda and Quorum

Book Description

Blockchain is the spine of cryptocurrencies, with purposes in finance, authorities, media, and different industries. With a legacy of offering technologists with executable insights, this new version of Mastering Blockchain is completely revised and up to date to the most recent blockchain analysis with 4 new chapters on consensus algorithms, Serenity (the replace that can introduce Ethereum 2.0), tokenization, and enterprise blockchains.

This guide covers the fundamentals, together with blockchain’s technical underpinnings, cryptography and consensus protocols. It additionally offers you with skilled data on decentralization, decentralized utility improvement on Ethereum, Bitcoin, various cash, smart contracts, various blockchains, and Hyperledger.

Further, you’ll discover blockchain options past cryptocurrencies such because the Internet of Things with blockchain, enterprise blockchains, tokenization utilizing blockchain, and take into account the long run scope of this fascinating and disruptive know-how.

By the top of this guide, you should have gained a radical comprehension of the varied sides of blockchain and perceive their potential in numerous real-world situations.

What you’ll study

  • Grasp the mechanisms behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various cryptocurrencies
  • Understand cryptography and its utilization in blockchain
  • Understand the theoretical foundations of smart contracts
  • Develop decentralized purposes utilizing Solidity, Remix, Truffle, Ganache and Drizzle
  • Identify and study purposes of blockchain past cryptocurrencies
  • Understand the structure and improvement of Ethereum 2.0
  • Explore analysis matters and the long run scope of blockchain

Who this guide is for

If you’re a technologist, enterprise govt, a scholar or an fanatic who needs to discover the fascinating world of blockchain know-how, smart contracts, decentralized purposes and distributed methods then this guide is for you. Basic familiarity with a beginner-level command of a programming language could be a plus.

Table of Contents

  1. Blockchain 101
  2. Decentralization
  3. Symmetric Cryptography
  4. Public Key Cryptography
  5. Consensus Algorithms
  6. Introducing Bitcoin
  7. The Bitcoin Network and Payments
  8. Bitcoin Clients and APIs
  9. Alternative Coins
  10. Smart Contracts
  11. Ethereum 101
  12. Further Ethereum
  13. Ethereum Development Environment
  14. Development Tools and Frameworks
  15. Introducing Web3
  16. Serenity
  17. Hyperledger
  18. Tokenization
  19. Blockchain – Outside of Currencies
  20. Enterprise Blockchain
  21. Scalability and Other Challenges
  22. Current Landscape and What’s Next

From the Publisher

Blockchain bookBlockchain book

Blockchain essentialsBlockchain essentials

The architectural view of a generic blockchain


Master blockchain with Imran Bashir

Explore the foundational pillars of blockchain know-how

Discover the structure of various distributed ledger platforms

Become accustomed to Web3, smart contract improvement and clear up scalability

What’s new on this third version of Mastering Blockchain?

This 3rd version of Mastering Blockchain has 4 new chapters on scorching matters comparable to blockchain consensus, Ethereum 2, and Enterprise blockchains. All chapters have been up to date to incorporate the most recent info and new and superior matters, comparable to zero-knowledge proofs, zk-SNARKS, Tezos, EOS, formal strategies, and blockchain safety.

This guide offers a holistic view of most areas of blockchain know-how, together with hands-on workout routines utilizing Ethereum, Bitcoin, Quroum, and Hyperledger.

You’ll study:

The structure and improvement of Ethereum 2.0

The mechanisms behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various cryptocurrencies

The identification and examination of blockchain purposes of blockchain past cryptocurrencies

blockchain processblockchain process

What are the important thing takeaways of the guide?

Whether you’re a seasoned technologist, scholar, enterprise govt or merely a blockchain fanatic, it’s important to concentrate on the underlying ideas and core theoretical ideas comparable to distributed methods, consensus, cryptography and improvement utilizing no helper instruments within the begin.

This guide is a wonderful mixture of each the breadth and depth of blockchain know-how. As a mastering guide, it may be used not solely as a reference at work, but additionally very successfully as a textbook in a classroom or for self-learning. There is at present no different guide that gives a complete overview of blockchain know-how with adequate sensible data.

My foremost purpose is to create a exceptional mixture of idea and apply. I intention to offer a complete and in-depth reference of distributed ledger know-how that not solely serves the skilled, however can be accessible for newbies.

I particularly concentrate on describing the core traits of blockchain, in order that readers can set up a robust basis on which to construct additional data and experience. I additionally envisage that with this strategy, the guide will stay helpful sooner or later regardless of fixed developments.

Table of Contents:

Blockchain 101

Consensus Algorithms

The Bitcoin Network and Payments

Alternative Coins and Smart Contracts

Ethereum 101

Hyperledger and Tokenization

Blockchain – Outside of Currencies

Current Landscape and What’s Next

Blockchain booksBlockchain books

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